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Enter a decimal value (ex:5.23), a fraction (ex:4/12) or (ex:4'11") for unit (' " [foot/inch]).                                                                                                     Choose the converted value in decimal or fraction.        


Convertizer Advantages

Conversion of weights (gram or ounce) of ingredients in volume:
Convert weight in g or in oz 
of flour, starch, sugar, sal, butter, fresh cream,
rice, cheese
, cacao in volume in mL, cL, L, cup, teaspoon, tablespoon
(ex: 200g de farine = 16 à 17 cuillères à soupe)

Equivalence of the thermostat position of your oven with the temperature:

(ex: thermostat 5 = 150 ºC = 300 ºF)

Conversion of volumes (ex: 200 ml = 1/5 L ou 1/20L = 10 teaspoons)
Possibility to enter and to obtain decimal and fraction values. Links